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RnR Skills Park

Ride to your limits, and have a great time!

under construction

Skills Park: News & Updates

Skinnies & Rock garden

Obstacle Training Zone
Area includes various rock and log obstacles to ride through and over to improve pedaling and riding skills.
Balance Training Zone
Area includes skinnies made of logs and lumber to ride along, improves a rider’s body position and balance.

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Drop & Jump Training Zone

Jump Training Zone

Drop-in area and jumps with progressing size built of dirt to practice jump techniques.

Drop Training Zone

Area with drop-offs of increasing size for training of drop technique.

Skills Park Membership

Helps fund in maintaining the equipment and landscaping upkeep.  Thank you ahead of time.


RnR Skills Park Membership

Under construction

Users of the need a membership.  This will help in maintenance and up keep.

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